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" A Husband & Wife Dental Team each with over 30 years
of Cosmetic Dental Experience!

 A Las Vegas Dental Concierge, Cosmetic  & Complete Makeover Solutions

An Experienced Husband & Wife Dental TEAM  each with 30 years of cosmetic knowledge

 will discuss your options and present  affordable dental solutions!

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 2-Doctors, each with over 30 years of experience!


SmileSketchVegas is extremely experienced in not only creating your PERFECT SMILE but providing you with a concierge boutique dental practice experience with  NO ANNUAL FEES
Our treatment philosophy encompasses a comprehensive dental treatment plan that
strives for optimal health and beauty.


SmileSketchVegas can work with your insurance but we are NOT contracted with any dental insurances. Experience has shown that not having the constraints of dental insurances gives the patient the choices to have the dental treatment they need and desire.


To be able to offer high quality treatments, materials, technology and longer appointment times,
we ask our patients to pay their fees at the beginning of their treatment.

SmileSketch will prepare the insurance paperwork to assist you in in being reimbursed.


Each with 30 plus years of experience SmileSketchVegas will work with you on any written
estimate you have from any dental professional.    SmileSketchBoston will offer
you the best treatment at the best fees.


A Husband & Wife Dental Team,  located in Summerlin of Las Vegas Nevada, providing affordable cosmetic dentistry, both 1990 Graduates of Boston University's  Goldman School of Graduate Dentistry,  each with  over 30 years of knowledge and dental experience, having worked in Toronto, Canada and Las Vegas, and now have returned to Las Vegas where their roots began.  The last several years, they have developed a deep desire to provide the highest quality dentistry, with an emphasis on complete cosmetic dentistry and makeovers.

Our Services

Concierge Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic & General Dentistry

Cosmetic & General Dentistry

Clear Braces Treatment

 Clear Braces Treatment

Implant Retained Dentures

Implant Retained Dentures

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Headache, Migraine and Bite Solutions

Headache, Migraine and Bite Solutions

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This involved a team of cosmetic specialists 

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Is it time for A Cosmetic  Dental Makeover?

With the boom of cosmetic surgery and the popularity of the “Extreme Makeover” television show, more and more people are seeking professional help to look younger and healthier. The art of the science of dentistry has matured to such a level that is possible to restore your teeth to a young appearance while improving their function. As a result, your younger appearance lasts. The benefits of comprehensive restoration result in beauty and the improved health of your smile.

As part of a comprehensive evaluation, you and your dentist may have discussions regarding the appearance of your mouth and changes that you would like to see made. This can be as simple as whitening your teeth to as complex as changing their shape, size, and position. Your dentist is ideally suited to assist you in exploring all the possibilities.

After spending time gathering all the necessary diagnostic aids including models of your teeth, x-rays, and photographs, a co-discovery process is used to determine the best way to achieve your esthetic desires for your smile.

The best dentists understand that comprehensive dentistry includes creating the most esthetic results possible and that by restoring the proper form to the mouth, a natural, beautiful and long lasting smile will result.

The explosion of new technologies gives dentists wonderful techniques and materials to create natural beauty in a manner that was not achievable a few short years ago. There are numerous options available that help to maximize the results.

If you are wondering what the possibilities might be for yourself, the best dentists can help create a vision for you as you discover together what might work for you. Your dentist may prepare a wax model of what is possible in your mouth. He or she could show you before and after pictures of other people that have had similar results. Computerized images may be used to simulate the possibilities and allow you to be able to reflect on your options.

Whatever the form the envisioning process takes, it is important to understand what you most want, then determine with your dentist how it can best happen.

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